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Due to un-precedented pressure (Shirl & Dane - only joking), I have started to fill this page with pics, willy-nilly. As the days pass I will attempt to get some kind of order to it and would welcome any pics from anyone out there. Just send them to my e-mail address Pics are as yet untouched, so please forgive the 'Red Eye', etc. All will be put right.Eventually. All the pics are available at a higher resolution (kept small to reduce download time). Drop me an 'E' (that's mail, Dane) and I'll send any you may require.

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The "Click for a Laugh" buttons should be used entirely at your own risk....I cannot be held responsible for split sides, falling off your chair backwards and banging your head, or any other misdemeanours resulting from viewing these images. They are in no way representive of the people pre-alterations and are merely used to be really, really, funny. If you find them distasteful in any way, please let me know and I'll attempt to re-animate them in a completely different (but probably pretty similar) way. Any affidavits, summonses or legal correspondence regarding these images, should be addressed to Mr Bob, Rochdale, England, or his legal representatives, Skintem & Scarper & Co.

P.S. This page is best viewed at a resolution of 1024X768. If you use another one and it don't work correctly, I don't really care. I told you how it looks best, so use it....... I do really but ain't got time yet to alter it.










Hieroglyphic Alphabet

Should you require it to try to define some of the soon to be posted images.



For all you who were out there with me, namely:- Bob (my buddy), Judith & Sally, Tim & Claire, Gordon & Anne, Shirley & Dane, Maureen & Graeme, Guy & Jo, Val & Lou, Keith & Hazel and last but by no means least Lynn & Brian and anybody else who helped to make the trip such an unforgettable excursion into the realms of the Pharoahs, please be patient I ain't gotta lot of time but I'm doing my best.

Once again, a great big THANK YOU to you all. This was an unforgettable holiday of a lifetime.

We'd also like to say to Liz, Shereen & Anna, the rep and egyptologists (respectively) and all the staff and crew of the M.S. Tut, a great big heartfelt THANK YOU from all of us (although you will probably never see this!!!!).

Mr Ian & Mr Bob XXX



So now you expect some Links!


The Book of the Dead

For this one you had to be there to understand it! I was and still don't.....

Embassy of Egypt in London

Info on travelling, Foreign Affairs and some other things.

Rediscovering an Ancient Beer

Make your own mind up on this one. Either extensive research, or a p--- take.

Official Internet Site of: The Ministry of Tourism, Egypt The Egyptian Tourist Authority

As the title implies

Travel Advice for Egypt

If your gonna go there, fore warned is well armed.

Theban Mapping Project

A very nice site with interactive maps, etc.... Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens and surrounding area.

Guardian's Egypt

An absolutely amazing and incredibly informative site. Hosting a plethora of information, photos, 360 interactive panoramic views and plenty more. This site is a must see for anybody with an interest in Egypt.